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School Campus
Arles, France

Project for a school campus to be built in the southern region of France, precisely in Arles.

The complex consists of two main parts, the training school on one side and an area entirely dedicated to the permanence of students who need to stay.

The school has been designed according to a criterion that favors the meeting and exchange between students during the transition from one lesson to another. The large atriums, in fact, make it possible to move towards the classrooms, but at the same time allow you to host temporary installations of the works created by the students, therefore as a physical element of continuity between learning and the consolidation of the same. In the main atrium, on the other hand, the staircase connecting to the upper level itself becomes a place of study and meeting, dividing itself between a ramp and an equipped gallery.

Not very far from the school is the dormitory. This space too has been designed in such a way as to guarantee the privacy and concentration of each student during the period of stay to follow the course of study, but at the same time, appropriately designed spaces ensure that the intellectual growth and socialization of children can take place in less formal and more relaxed contexts.

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