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Fabrizio Càrola

Main Awards


_ AGA KHAN Award for the Kaedi Regional Hospital in Mauritania in 1981-84

_ Mediterranean Award for Architecture , 2005 _UIA (international architects' union) for the activities carried out in Africa

_ International architecture prize "Vassilis Sgoutas" awarded by the International Union of Architects (UIA), Tokyo 2011

_ Global Award for Sustainable Architecture , Paris 2008

_ The RIBA's 2013 International Fellowships , London 2013.


Main Publications


From the 1960s to today there have been several publications in the most important national and international magazines such as Domus, Casabella, Costruire in Laterizio, Area, Bioarchitecture, Boundaries, Ville & Casali, Tapama, Al-Ghibarl, Projecto, Technology Review, Terre Crue et Construction, Edra, Grazia, Architecture, Tracce, Napoli City, Cooperation, Murature Oggi, Tapama and many others.



_Brazinha JJ, Gonçalves AC, De Leirdes M., Batir en   Terre en Mediterranee, 1993

_Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Architecture Beyond Architecture, 1995

_Sicignano E., Ancient and modern techniques. Eight contemporary architectures, Naples CLEAN, 2000

_Pearson D., New Organic Architecture: The Breaking Wave, London, Gaia, 2001

_Verderosa F., Ipotesi di Futuro, Naples, Intra Moenia, 2003 _Carola F., Living, thinking, doing ... memories of an architect, Naples, Intra Moenia, 2004

_Alini L., Fabrizio Caròla, works and projects 1954-2016, Naples CLEAN, 2016 _Alini L., Forty-eight questions to Fabrizio Carola, Naples CLEAN, 2016

_Carola F., Catena D., Why not ?, Naples, Scientific Editorial, 2016

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