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Reception center for women
Sevare, Mali

The Delta Survie association was founded in 1986 in Mopti (Mali's second largest city) by Doctors of the World to offer surgical and medical services to women suffering from obstetric fistula.

Under the leadership of the inspiring Delta leader, Ibrahima Sankare, more than 200 women a year now receive surgical and social care and the Delta National Communications Program is trying to lift the veil of silence on the fistula and define it as a treatable disease such as another one.

At Delta Survie, women find a support community where they are accepted. Since the surgical treatments to which women are subjected require a long convalescence, the delta teaches women to produce small handicrafts, offering them the opportunity to use what they have learned to support themselves financially once they leave the center.

The women at Delta Survie create jewelry that expresses the beauty and exuberance of Malian culture. The not too strenuous use involved in the creation of these jewels proves to be a perfect occupation for women who have different periods and stages of hospitalization and need frequent rest periods .


The center will be built on a plot owned by the Delta, of 10,000 square meters, for about 1350 square meters of construction; the project is developed around the basic concept of the Delta Survie, namely that of welcoming and reintegrating guests; as regards the reception, therefore, two dormitory poles have been designed, with 8 rooms each, each of which capable of accommodating 4 women at the same time, with appropriately sized common services attached; at the moment 4 domes / dormitory are nearing completion (see attached photos of the current state); for the reintegration process, on the other hand, there are classrooms where guests can attend training courses, as well as a central nucleus in the lot, where the laboratories are located, where women will work on their own manufacturing and exhibit their products. Finally, a refreshment point will also be created for visitors, who will be able to taste what the guests of the center learned in the adjacent cooking school.

The material used for the construction of the complex is earth, available locally and available at almost zero cost. This is used, in this project, in the form of baked brick. This element, kneaded on site by local laborers, is cooked in special clay ovens fed with rice husks, thus using a waste material, the chaff, otherwise destined for waste.


With this expedient, combined with the use of local labor, which the construction method allows to train quickly, helps to move the local economy, even when the construction site is closed (see possibility of producing bricks for other construction sites).

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