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Luzijazhi Cultural Creativity Garden
Shanghai, China

In 2008 the architect Fabrizio Carola won the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. In 2010 the Chinese architect Wang Shu (winner of the same prize in 2007) invited some of the architects awarded with the same prize to participate in an important redevelopment project of the port area of Zhoushan island in Shanghai. Each of the invited architects (including Francis Kerè, Patrick Bouchain, Carin Smuts) is assigned a lot and a theme. Fabrizio Carola is assigned a plot of land that overlooks the sea and on this he is asked to design an atelier for arts and crafts. The proposal presented by the Carola team consists of a double level of domes: a first level, on the ground floor, which houses the laboratories and services and a second level covered by a large dome, used as an exhibition and reading area. The entrance to the atelier takes place through an open dome, which as it closes, introduces inside the building. On the opposite side, however, a large opening takes the visitor to a pleasant view of the sea. The peculiarity of the project lies in the compositional order that sees the second level rest entirely on the first level of domes.


Team of designers


Fabrizio Carola

Luigi di Pietro

Stefania Vestuto

Giovannangelo de Angelis

Federico Verderosa

Raffaele Zucchi
Raimondo Castronuovo

Gianmarco Zucchi


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